Staley Cardoza

Complaints Procedure

The partners and staff of Staley Cardoza are committed to providing high quality legal services to all our clients.  We stake a lot on our reputation.  We will actively work with you, investigate and seek a resolution to any issue raised.

We want you to know that if we cannot directly resolve a problem related to our services, that you have alternative choices available which are outlined below.

Our aim is to resolve your concerns promptly and fairly.

Our complaints procedure

When you have a complaint about our services or charges, you may refer your complaint to the person in our firm who has overall responsibility for your work so that we can try and resolve your concerns well before it develops into a more serious situation.

If you do not wish to refer your complaint to that person, or you are not satisfied with that person's response to your complaint, you may refer your complaint to either of the partners in the firm, namely Susie Staley or Rachel Cardoza.  However, if your complaint is about one of the partners then you may refer it to the other partner.

Either of the partners may be contacted as follows:

If we perceive that the situation is complex or we are constrained by time we will contact you to negotiate an extension to our internal review.

At the completion of our investigations, and with a view to attempting to resolve your complaint, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss our findings and how this compares with your expected outcome.

We will follow up this meeting with our written advice, confirming our position.

If you remain unhappy with our actions and/or the outcome of our meeting we may recommend any, or combinations, of the following options:


All conversations and documents relating to your complaint will be treated as confidential and will only be disclosed external of our firm to the extent that is legally necessary.

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